“Your biggest hurdle isn’t your opponent, it’s yourself.”

– Brandon Todd

Believe in yourself. Always. Ditch the stress and know you can do this. I know that if you get your butt to a Rumble workout, you are going to surprise yourself with how strong you are. Isn’t that what are all here for? To find out how strong we are? So, let’s get on that!


Why Rumble?

First and foremost, I was attracted to the challenge of creating something new and building the team to make it unbelievable. Rumble has grown into such an incredible tribe of talented and ferocious people… there is no other group I’d want to have behind me to fight any battle. Plus we get the amazing opportunity bring our passion for sweet music and heavy-hitting workouts to the rest of the community… what could be better.


Why Boxing?

I LOVE hitting s**t.  There’s nothing quite as satisfying as the feeling of making a solid connection with a big right hand. And I love the way nothing else matters when you’re in the moment hitting the bag, working the mitts or in the ring.  Boxing is a moving, ass-kicking meditation.


Who are you at Rumble?

I’m the fighting yogi! It’s all about the bag, the beats and the breath.


What impact do you want to have on each person that comes through your class?

I want each person coming through my class to leave feeling like they just gave themselves the best gift they never thought they needed. I want them to leave everything on the bag and get in the moment for those 50 minutes so that when they go home they’re mentally fresh and able to tackle whatever life throws their way.


What’s your class/music style?

I come from a technical background, so you can definitely expect a good old fashioned ass-kicking, blended with a dose of mindfulness and a little bit of booty shaking fun. I’m all about feeling the beat in your whole body! The music that makes me want to shake it the most come from Hip Hop and R&B, plus a heavy dose of reggae-inspired club beats.


What are you fighting for?

I’m fighting to bring my best to everything I do. To show up and be a great example for my team, my students and also myself.


Fun facts

My first true love is horseback riding… I started riding at 6 years old, competed in Three-Day Eventing across Alberta, and was part of the Canadian Pony Club for way more years than I care to admit.

I LOVE to dance