“That” Friend Challenge



Everyone has “that” one friend, the one who; you call right away when something good happens, eats ice cream with you after a break, and actually tells you if your bum looks big in those jeans. We all have that one friend who we’d like to see more of, who sometimes flakes on a workout, whose quality time is hard to squeeze in.

This campaign is about that feeling and that friend. So what better way to celebrate friendship than with a 30-day buddy challenge! Here are the details: Grab “that” friend and you both need to complete 20 classes each in 30 days.

When: September 15th

How do I sign up? 👇🏼 https://mailchi.mp/rumbleboxing.com/q9oixuq1ck

You and your bestie can participate using any class pricing option or you can purchase an unlimited monthly membership which will activate on September 15th for $199 🙋🏻♀️We’ll even throw in a pair of wraps!

So Call out your BFF! Post a photo or video on your Instagram/Facebook/story challenging them to compete with you! Don’t forget to tag us @rumbleboxing

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