Stop Making Excuses: Fitness Truths You Probably Didn’t Know




At Rumble, we’re all about working hard and playing harder. But we also want to look and feel amazing. We know that putting in the hard work is a big part of what having a fit and healthy body is all about: you put in the hours, and reap the rewards. We’re huge believers in making it happen instead of making excuses.  To help you get pat those excuses, we’ve pulled together 5 hard truths that your friends aren’t telling you.


Excuses are your body’s worst enemy. They will wear you out and prevent you from changing your life. So, if you want to succeed and have a fit and healthy life, first you need to know these few things first.


Slow Metabolism Is a Lie


If you are going around and saying that your metabolism is slow, you’re fooling yourself. The metabolic rate has a tendency to vary, but within a pretty small range. All individuals have a slightly different metabolic rate, and if your metabolism slowed down too much, you would be dead. Our bodies work to maintain themselves, and the story that your metabolism is slow is a lie, you’re just eating too much.


There is No ‘Natural’ Body Type


Eating hamburgers and sitting in front of the TV is a natural diet? I didn’t think so. Our body type depends on our diet, lifestyle, and exercise, so stop making excuses that you have that excess weight because of genetics. There are many factors that affect our bodies, but you can control most of them, whether it is your diet, exercises or sleeping habits. Yes,


People Want You to Be Like Them


Thin people want you to be thin, just like fat people want you to be fat. Same goes for Christians, socialists and every other group of people. It’s in human nature to associate with other people (especially if they are at the same place as you, whether it’s their career, lifestyle or health), but that doesn’t mean you should follow everyone. Be smart and surround yourself with people you who have already achieved what you’re after. They’ll help you reach their level.


Nobody Tells You How Hard They Work


If you have ever talked with a skinny woman, she probably told you how she eats a lot and that she doesn’t work out. Ask a successful man how he got where he is, he will tell you he had an idea, started a business and everything went well from that point. The truth is that they are lying.


Everyone has to work hard to accomplish their dreams, keep that in mind. People have a habit to forget about all the work they had to put into something in order for it to succeed. So, if you want to have an amazing body first thing you will learn when you start working out is that it will be a hard path. But it will most certainly be worth it.


Your Progress Will Slow Down at One Point


Once you start working out, you will be amazed with the results, but at some point, that progress will slow down. A lot of people get discouraged and they lose their motivation at this point. Don’t let this be you! The point when your results start slowing down is the point where you need to turn it up a notch.


The truth is that the better shape you’re in, the slower your progress will be. You will have to continue do more to make something happen. For example, if you are obese, you will have to work out less than a person who only wants to lose five pounds. But, don’t let this truth make you lose your motivation. It is only a small obstacle in your road to a healthy life.

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