“Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise”.

    Vanessa, aka “NESS” was once told, “You look sweet & innocent”…that was before the class!

    Involved in athletics since she was 5 years old, and personal training for over 11 years, Ness brings an abundant of knowledge of the fitness world to Rumble.

    Always being on the small side she had to fight to win her spot. This taught her perseverance and to push harder than the next.

    Being a trainer has never been “work” its a passion. I want to bring this passion and positive energy to Rumble. Have FUN with a great sweat and make sure its done right, and then better!

    Why Boxing?:

    • It’s you and the bag. Its you against yourself.
    • Its the energy flow from every punch exploding with release of emotions.
    • A restless mind is calmed despite the noise from the crowd.
    • A racing heartbeat and sound of your breath becomes your music.

    Life philosophy:

    Be genuine, be you.

    Be true to yourself, fight for you and it will carry forward.

    What do I fight for everyday:

    Being my better and spreading positive vibes.

    What to expect in 50 minutes with her:

    Boundless energy, SASS & LAUGHS (probably at herself!)



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