“Train like a fighter, look like a fighter, be a fighter.”

  • Extreme Sport Junkie
  • “Triple B”: Big, Black & British 
  • Your Mama’s Ex-Boyfriend
  • Musical Style: Big base, banging tunes that will have you twerking
Triple-B (Big, Black & British), aka Notorious Nate, aka your mama’s ex-boyfriend, is here to shake shit up and shut shit down! He brings fun, style, swag and the best tunes to every class! Triple-B will teach you to be comfortable being uncomfortable. “Its tough, it’s going to hurt but it’s a small price to pay to become Rumble sexy and physically/mentally stronger than you started.” There is always more to learn in boxing and endless ways to improve; Nathan is here to help you find them all. Let loose, and find your inner beast.

What to expect in 50 minutes with him:
A workout that makes you feel alive, like a champion! You can expect big base, banging tunes that will have you twerking and the most fun you can have with your clothes on.


Triple B is available for private training by appointment only.

Please email us at or fill out our contact form for more information.

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