“Everyone has a plan, til they get punched in the mouth.”

  • Knock Out Specialist
  • “Coach”
  • Musical Style: Deep House and Electro with some old school remixes

Conrad is devoted to your excellence. He can be a bit of a hardass at times, but he only has your success in mind. Conrad quickly coined the nickname “Coach” at Rumble because of his burning passion for teaching others. “What really gets me out of bed each morning is people’s hunger for improvement. I love answering questions after class! It shows that people are thinking about what they’re doing and want to be better.” So bring your “A” game to Conrad’s class and be prepared to learn. His promise to you is that after every class, you will be noticeably better. Each person adds to the evolution of the class and that makes what we do so exciting and fulfilling!

What to expect in 50 minutes with him:
Heavy technical focus (technical, not complicated). Good technique means more power, without injury. At the end of each class, you will be able to hit harder (with less effort), move smoother, and feel like you are able to do more.


Conrad is available for private training by appointment only.

Please email us at or fill out our contact form for more information.

Conrad Playlist

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