Happy Hour Personal Training

Rumble Happy Hour

Auto-Renewal Private Training Membership

Happy Hour is about getting a great deal on a drink or spending time with friends at a bar…until now.

Rumble Happy Hour is about becoming the best version of yourself that you can, at an insane discount. Take advantage of Rumble’s team of expert trainers and start feeling better, looking better and living healthier. So you could spend $60 on a couple glasses of wine, or a few beers, or you could spend $60 for one hour of life-changing training, once a week with Rumble.

Happy hour is about taking an hour for yourself, and now at Rumble, every hour is happy hour! The Rumble Happy Hour private training membership is an auto-renewal membership that lets you train once a week at an exclusive and unbeatable rate. This summer only, until August 31st,  the Rumble boxing happy hour membership allows you to train at any time you want!

Take your happy hour to the next level and book a free consultation today.

Make Rumble your new happy hour. Email info@rumbleboxing.com to book today.

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