One out of every three Junior High or High School students will experience some kind of bullying during the course of their time in school, and 22% of all high school students will think about committing suicide at some point during their years in school. Mental health challenges run rampant in schools, youth programs, and youth culture. At Rumble, we know that physical battles are hard, but that mental battles are pervasive. We believe in not just physical wellness, but that mental strength and resilience are the cornerstone of living a healthy and happy life.  Boxing is proven to be not just a physical experience, but a mental and emotional release, building resilience, confidence and inner strength.


We believe whole heartedly in creating a stronger, happier and more respectful future, which is why we choose to support mental health for youth and families. We work directly with locally based charities here in Calgary that provide support for children and youth as they overcome mental health challenges related to bullying, abuse and trauma, while encouraging empathy and respect. It is our pleasure to work directly with like-minded charities and our local Calgary school community in order to raise awareness and funds to support mental health among youth right here at home. Youth are our future, and it is our mission to ensure that that future is bright.


Rumble connects our partner organizations with a worthy cause. We are the platform to bring together like-minded groups to create strong connections within our community. Rumbles is happy to donate all equipment required, and to donate all proceeds from sponsored classes to local organizations working to prevent bullying and support mental health, including base sponsorship, matching donations and individual cash donations. Our goal is to make a meaningful difference within our community and make a direct impact on youth here in Calgary.


Please email for sponsorship information.


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Boxing like you’ve never seen it before. Rumble is centrally located on Calgary’s most vibrant street, in the heart of 17th Avenue. A no contract “pay as you box” boutique fitness studio, we’re revolutionizing the fitness experience in Calgary.
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